Honorable Mention in Cleveland Design Competition: transforming the bridge

The design of the Lower Level Detroit-Superior Bridge aims to reconnect and improve pedestrian and bicycle traffic in the City of Cleveland. This connection is enhanced through segregated bicycle and pedestrian paths, multiple entrances, new lifts and staircases, thoughtful landscaping, and a flexibility of space to allow for public events and performances. 

New entrance openings in the bridge have been created to allow for more visitors and better connectivity. These entrance areas are the starting points of the journey through the lower level. Adjacent to the entrances are cultural spaces: the East Pool (cinema) and West Catacombs (art gallery). During events and performances, the Concourses are used for vendors. These areas are designed with a garden-like atmosphere, with vines growing along new ceiling grid structures, and over the concrete barriers. Greenhouse lighting is installed for encouraging plant growth and for improved illumination. The Central Span is the main venue for performances. The gaps in the floor have been filled to create a continuous space. To accomodate large crowds, twelve new staircases have been designed to lead visitors to the Upper Level for safety. Two lifts have also been added on either side of this space for improved accessibility.

Competition Website: http://clevelandcompetition.com